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What’s the molecular formula for concealer?

Glass of Champers Evening aka Friday night. I was exhausted and had slept for only 7 hrs in the past 2 days, but still felt like finally going out. Loads of concealer and accessories to distract from my dark circles. Please note the pretty shiny hair, thanks to vitamins. Yay! Also, the Habanero plants are getting so big (that’s what she said)!!! Finally spotted two little habaneros, can’t wait to try them.  I mention it because the plants are always in the pics Ipost.

What I’m wearing:

Sheer gray top – UO

Black Pants – Fendi

Black Shoes – Prada

Swarovski Crystal ring – Macy’s

Black Bodysuit – American Apparel

My hair and makeup for the evening. IGNORE THE TIRED FACE! I SAID IGNORE IT!!  But I felt I had a great hair day.

I always tell people how I’m glad that I’m fluent in French, but when I finally run into Parisians and I try to talk to them they don’t understand a word I said.  Brag-adocious Fail. That’s how an evening should end.