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I’m what you call, what is that word? Cheap.

The goal: spend less on wardrobe.  Solution:  thrift shops, recycling clothes, tailoring and stealing from mum’s closet.

I have really gotten into the whole 80s/boyfriend jacket trend.  I stole one of mum’s blazers and had it tailored. I removed the shoulder pads and had the sleeves cinched.

The Before:

I also had an awesome Moschino pencil skirt, it was my absolute favourite and  I wore it to work as often as I could. I wore the skirt so often that, after many times at the cleaners, it started fading at the hem. I decided to have the skirt shortened and keep it as a night-out mini.

For the outfit I added a simple tee, tons of mismatched jewelry and high heels (of course). Total Cost of tailoring: $20.  Brand new outfit!

And After:

Do forgive the big frizzy hair:  1. I live in Texas and big hair is a prerequisite for a night out and 2. it is so humid that as I’m typing this my panties are still soaked.

What I’m Wearing:

Jacket: Vtg. Armani (tailored), T-Shirt: Michael Stars, Skirt: Moschino Chic and Cheap, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Jewelry: Way too many to list.


Houston = 5000K

Well, maybe not that hot, but it sure does feel like it’s as hot as the sun out here; butts all over the city are getting stuck to car seats.

Too hot to do anything really,  went to the mall for some beauty essentials….and chocolate.

What I’m wearing:

Sheer blouse – thrift store find

Nude bodysuit – American Apparel

Navy shorts – J. Crew

Wedges – Christian Louboutin

Pink handbag – Kenneth Cole

Jade Necklace – Stolen from mum’s jewelry box.

What’s the molecular formula for concealer?

Glass of Champers Evening aka Friday night. I was exhausted and had slept for only 7 hrs in the past 2 days, but still felt like finally going out. Loads of concealer and accessories to distract from my dark circles. Please note the pretty shiny hair, thanks to vitamins. Yay! Also, the Habanero plants are getting so big (that’s what she said)!!! Finally spotted two little habaneros, can’t wait to try them.  I mention it because the plants are always in the pics Ipost.

What I’m wearing:

Sheer gray top – UO

Black Pants – Fendi

Black Shoes – Prada

Swarovski Crystal ring – Macy’s

Black Bodysuit – American Apparel

My hair and makeup for the evening. IGNORE THE TIRED FACE! I SAID IGNORE IT!!  But I felt I had a great hair day.

I always tell people how I’m glad that I’m fluent in French, but when I finally run into Parisians and I try to talk to them they don’t understand a word I said.  Brag-adocious Fail. That’s how an evening should end.

Une coupe pour la chimie

Laid back Sunday, the best kind. 

Decided to go to Anvil, the only bar in town where they make a proper Kir Royale, not  a bastardized one with chambord, blegh. 

I was introduced to the Kir Royale in France so I thought it appropriate to wear the top I found in a flea market in Paris.  Chillaxed with my cocktail and Austen’s Persuasion, le sigh.


 What I’m wearing:

White Blouse – Flea Market find

Blue skirt – Anthropologie

Shoes – Bottega Veneta

Silver charm necklace – Fly High Little Bunny

Silk/Pearl necklace – J. Crew

Wine with a side of Carbon Dioxide

Headed to Red Room for a glass of champagne.  I want to check it out since it is so close to my home, I hope that the rumors of the place aren’t true.  Everyone says its is great bar with great decor but with a super pretentious older crowd.

Showing up rather early for a Friday (around 9ish) since I would like to avoid the plastic surgery crowd and would like to find a table for myself.

Wanted to wear something structured but not stuffy so I added the hot pink lace bodysuit.  It seems to work, for after work 😉

Outfit August2010

What I’m Wearing:

Short-sleeve black blazer – Thrift store find

 Skirt and white cami – Anthropologie

 Hot pink bodysuit – American Apparel

Necklace- J. Crew

Mesh shoes – Jimmy Choo